24-28 JUNE 2018

Day 4 Report

 Centum Charitas Foundation presents, XII BFA East Asia Baseball Cup 2018
Daily Report - Day 4

In day 4, Philippines beat Indonesia to earn three straight wins; Thailand won 17-0 against Singapore.

Game 1: Philippines 5-2 Indonesia
Rested Indonesia(0-2) is looking for their first win of the tournament. They had a fresh start against Philippines, while outfielder Andospa Aldo Saputra made a run at 1st inning. They also held their opponent scoreless during the first four innings. Philippines made their comeback at 6th, outfielder Jerome Yenson hit a three-run double. Philippines won 5-2, earning their three straight wins in the tournament. They can secure the title if they beat Hong Kong tomorrow.

Jerome said when he was going to bat at 6th, coaches gave him the confidence. “I just need to hit the ball well and get on base.” “We were off during the first few innings, we tried to adjust as fast as possible so that we don’t have to get pressured during the game.” Captain Adriane Ros Bernardo hoped the team won’t make the same mistake to have a slow start on tomorrow’s game against Hong Kong.

Game 2: Thailand 17-0 Singapore
Facing the young Singaporeans (0-2), Thailand(2-1) controlled the pace throughout the game.They developed a double digit lead in first three innings, including a seven-run 2nd inning. With Joseph Matthew Daru’s four-run homer at 5th innings, Thailand ended the game early with a 17-0 victory.

Thailand finished the tournament with three wins and one loss. Coach of Thailand Toobkerd Jesada said the team improved a lot since their previous tournament. “This tournament has been great for us.” “Pitching, hitting or fielding, we’ve fixed a lot of errors in those areas. As you can see, we don’t have a lot of errors in this tournament. We are really happy with the result.” Thailand is going to play in the Asian Games in August, Toobkerd hoped the team can finish at top three.

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