24-28 JUNE 2018

About the Event

Centum Charitas Foundation Presents XII BFA East Asia Baseball Cup 2018

Qualifier to the 29th Asian Championship

Event Title in Chinese 百仁基金冠名贊助2018年第12屆亞洲盃東區賽
Event Objectives Asian Baseball Cup is organized by Baseball Federation of Asia. It's a second level tournament. It started from 1994 and is held every two years. Baseball Federal of Asia is currently a total of 24 Member Countries. Chinese Taipei、Japan、Korea and China will NOT play so only 20 countries will participate in this tournament.

They are divided to two divisions East and West and the 1st place team from each division earns the opportunity to play Asian Baseball Champion with Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea and China.

Since 2012, Asian Baseball Cup has changed to West Asian Baseball Cup and East Asian Baseball Cup, and these two divisions are hold the tournament in different year, however, from 2016 the baseball competition happen every two years in even number.

Sources: Baseball Federation of Asia
Tournament Date 24 June 2018 (Sun) to 28 June 2018 (Thur)
Organizer Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA)
Host Organization Hong Kong Baseball Association (HKBA)
Subvention Bodies ♦ Arts and Sport Development Fund (ASDF), Home Affairs Bureau of Hong Kong SAR
♦ Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) of Hong Kong SAR
Title Sponsor  Centum Charitas Foundation 百仁基金
Sponsors HKBA Sponsors
♦ Fulum Group 富臨集團
♦ Gatorade
♦ Million Group 萬通集團
♦ Oakley
♦ ASPPA 亞洲運動心理專業聯會

BFA Ancillary Sponsors
♦ Pro Star Sports 布瑞特
♦ Nagase (Kenko)
♦ TransGlobe Life 全球人壽
♦ Highwealth Construction 興富發建設
Participating Teams Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand
Competition Venue Sai Tso Wan Recreation Ground Baseball Field 晒草灣遊樂場棒球場
No. 90 Sin Fat Road, Lam Tin, Kowloon.
Practising Field Sai Tso Wan Recreation Ground Baseball Field 晒草灣遊樂場棒球場
No. 90 Sin Fat Road, Lam Tin, Kowloon.
Reporting Date All teams and officials should arrive at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), on 22 June 2018
Departure Date All teams and officials should make reservations to depart from Hong Kong on 29 June 2018
Players Eligibility ♦ A player must turn 18 years old by 31 December 2018 (born in 2000 or before)
♦ All players must be a national of the country who participating in this tournament. Player’s passport will be controlled at the Pre-tournament Technical & Organizational Meeting to ensure player’s nationality.
♦ All players participating in BFA tournaments shall wear the uniform representing his/her country, and such uniform shall be designed and provided by each National Federation / Association. Players or teams without uniform will not only be fined but also be forfeited.
Delegation Size  Each delegation may have a maximum of 30 members
♦ Up to 24 Players, 1 Head of Delegation, 4 Coaches including 1Team Manager and 1 Team Doctor/Physiotherapist (optional) and 1 Umpire
♦ Any other extra persons will be at the delegation`s expense
Media Partner ♦ TechTure
Supporting Organizations ♦ Hong Kong St. John Ambulance 香港聖約翰救護機構
♦ Hong Kong Volunteers Association 香港志願者協會
Contact Hong Kong Baseball Association
Room 1003, 1/F., Olympic House, No. 1 Stadium Path, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Website: www.hkbaseball.org
Main Line: (852) 2504 8330   Fax: (852) 2504 4663
Email: [email protected]

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